Lawrence Burgee

Jupiter, Florida USA


Palm Beach Atlantic University

Computer Science with Business

Expected Graduation: May 2025

Interesting Project

In Website Development, we created a social network via published IONOS domains. We first created individual homepages, then a roster of all students in the class, and then could easily link to classmates through the roster.


(1) This can be summed up as Faith, Family, and Friends. My Christian Faith is very strong and daily prayers help get me through life. I have found that people of strong faith tend to be very positive and proactive, as I always strive to be. (2) My family is extremely important to me and I truly enjoy them. Having recently lost my dear wife to the cancer/covid combo, the support of my close relatives has gotten me through recent rough times. (3) Getting to choose your own friends is a real blessing. Believe or not, there are other people that obsess about European football, French and German food, bicycling, and traveling abroad. These are my core friends!

Career Goal

I would like to work in the field of Computer Science and/or Information Systems with a focus on website development and database technology.

Technical Skills

  • Design and development websites
  • Create and maintain databases
  • Teach technology courses at the university level
  • Project managment
  • Marketing plan integration with technology

Classes of Interest

Website Development

Database Systems

Information Systems

Human-Centered Computing

Systems Development


Places Visited

  1. France
  2. Germany
  3. Ireland

Places to Visit

  • Argentina
  • Iceland
  • New Zealand